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American Journal of Biomass and Bioenergy

ISSN: 2162-965X (Online)

Aims and Scope

The American Journal of Biomass and Bioenergy publishes reviews and research articles on all aspects of biomass and bioenergy research, including - but not limited to - theories, techniques, marketing, and environmental impacts. Subject classification for American Journal of Biomass and Bioenergy

1. Bioenergy
1.1 Biohydrogen
1.2 Biogas
1.3 Bioethanol and biobutanol
1.4 Biodiesel
1.5 Microbial fuel cell
1.6 Waste utilization (energy)
1.7 Life cycle assessment of biofuels
1.8 Molecular biology

2. Biomass and feedstock utilization
2.1 Biological residues
2.2 Cultivation and composition
2.3 Biological and chemical pretreatment
2.4 Bioconversion
2.5 Biodegradation
2.6 Composting
2.7 Molecular biology
2.8 Other renewable resources

3. Biomass products
3.1 Biopolymers
3.2 Biofertilizer
3.3 Biopesticides
3.4 Biosurfactants
3.5 Food, feed and pigments
3.6 Other metabolites and products
3.7 Biochar

4. Bioprocess
4.1 Upstream processing
4.2 Process development
4.3 Operation of bioreactors
4.4 Optimization of the process
4.5 Fermentation
4.6 Downstream processing
4.7 Modeling and optimization of biomass system

5. Ecology and environment
5.1 Bioremediation
5.2 Environmental bioengineering
5.3 CO2 sequestration and carbon cycle
5.4 Environmental and economic impact
5.5 Biodiversity
5.6 Biomass and stress

6. Physico-chemical and thermochemical processes for biomass
6.1 Biocatalysis
6.2 Combustion
6.3 Gasification
6.4 Other thermo-chemical processes
6.5 Pretreatment for further processing
6.6 Pulping
6.7 Pyrolysis
6.8 Steam explosion


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We are working closely with many other major databases to get the journal indexed and will gradually publish more index information of the journal.

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